SLI is our Summer Leadership Intensive, and there is no better way to describe it! SLI is focused on developing future leaders through hands on training. Your development in this program is to be equipped by our staff to become the leader God has called you to be! What a great opportunity we have to join in the calling and purpose of your life!

In this program we will develop you in 5 disciplines: spiritual, mental, physical, relational, and financial. We focus on these 5 areas because we believe a healthy leader is disciplined in all areas of life. We will teach you to do ‘today’ what others won’t in order for you to do ‘tomorrow’ what others can’t.

Start you’re Leadership journey today!
SLI only costs $150. We have tried our best to get this price down so that there is nothing holding you back from beginning your leadership journey. This experience includes… a trip to HS camp in TN, a 3 hr seminary level class, lunch every Tuesday, and fun like you’ve never had before.
Our schedule is intense, it is specifically designed for your development as a leader. We meet 3 days a week, because we know that your time is valuable. We start our mornings with a workout at 6 am each day and pack our day full of training and equipping you until at 3 pm.
Our staff will train and equip to be the Christ-centered leader that you are called to be, through various forms of training. Some of the forms of training that you will receive will be in a classroom setting, a homework exercise, serving in the community and many other ways that you will help aid in your leadership.

Important Dates

| Orientation June 5 | Start Date June 7 | HS Camp July 2 – 7 | End Date July 27 |