The Abundant Life

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As I look into our society and culture today, I notice how similar the church looks compared to the rest of the world.  I am saddened at how quickly we turn from the goodness of God to pursue our own desires and end up missing out on the life Jesus died to give us.  Its true that one day we will rest in his presence, being with him for eternity, but we aren’t there yet.  Today is a brand new day with its challenges, its victories, its disappointments and its uniqueness.  Living an abundant life has little to do with getting what we want and more to do with becoming more like Christ.  Matthew 6:33 speaks to God’s idea of how He intended for us to live out our lives on the earth.  Seek the Kingdom and living righteously. Seems simple enough until we actually begin the journey and realize that in order to accomplish the “idea” of living abundantly, we have to have a personal investment.  I have seen so many times in a believer’s walk where they tell God that they want to grow closer to Him and obey His commands, but when God gives them the opportunity, they begin asking “why me God?”.  

I am reminded of a story told to me by a pastor once of a man who asked God to increase his faith.  God agreed to the man’s request and subsequently the man lost his job, his house was washed away in a flood and 3 of his children became deathly ill.  The man rushed back to the Lord and began pleading with God to forgive him of any sin that he committed and began to question why he was enduring such hardship.  God simply replied to the man: “I have given your faith opportunity to grow.”  Faith doesn’t simply grow just because we want it to, it must be walked out and put to the test.  In the same way, you cannot walk out the good times in abundant life without experiencing the rough times.  The “lows” of life make the “highs” of life worth having and as we grow in our relationship with Christ, the magnitude and intensity of both increase according to faith He has given to each of us.  

So don’t give up! When the timing is right, God will give you the thing that your heart desires most!  The blessing always has a purpose and it cannot be received until its purpose has been completed!

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