Marshall & Kendra West
High School Pastor

The Lord saved me when I was 13 during a revival week here at Crossgates. God convicted me of sin, and brought me under his calling into ministry when I was 19, and later became the middle school pastor here. God brought me back to Crossgates in 2015 to be the High School Pastor.
About me:
My wife, Kendra, and I were married in 2014 and had our daughter Chloe Grace the next year, and I now have another beautiful daughter named Ellie Kate. We love Mexican food, and hangin out with people. Both of us are people people, so our idea of a good night is hanging with friends. Other than that, you better believe I’m having a taco somewhere or fishing.
Favorite Snack: Gimme that Rotel dip
Favorite Bible Story: David’s Mighty Men
Interesting fact about me: I once sang on stage with Relient K. It made my life…
Staff Nick Name: “The Historian” (want to know something about Crossgates…come ask)
If you could be anyone besides yourself who would you be? Always be yourself, unless you can be Batman. Then, always be Batman.