Middle School Life Groups

*All Middle School Life Groups meet in the U.L.L.R.*


Amanda Heath and Mary McNeese teach the 6th grade girls at 9AM on Sunday Mornings.
The 7th Grade Girls are taught by Ana Wilson and Lauren Evans at 9AM on Sunday Mornings.
Katelynn Luckett and Natalie Lindsley lead our 8th grade girls on Sunday Mornings at 9AM.


Ashely Smith and Carson Dobbs teach the 6th grade guys at 9AM on Sunday Mornings.
Check out our 7th grade guys class on Sunday Mornings at 9AM led by Josh West and Joshua Tatum.
The 8th grade guys are led by Brett Bailey and Tristan Brown, Sunday mornings at 9AM.

High School Life Groups


The 9th grade girls are taught by  Heather Barnes, Selena Lovejoy and CandyLee Dobbs.  The will meet in the 233 (Venue Balcony) at 9AM on Sunday mornings.
Stacey Boyd and Jennifer Lindsley teach the 10th grade girls in the 231 (Venue Balcony) at 9AM on Sunday Mornings.
Emily Allen and Regina Hudson lead our 11th grade girls in the 232 (Venue Balcony) at 9AM.
Senior girls and guys meeting in the College Room at 9AM for Life Group led by Gary Simmons, Brad Brown, and Sondra Odom


You can catch the 9th grade guys in 230 (Upstairs Venue Hallway) with the teachers Braden Rodriguez and David Ware at 9AM Sunday Mornings.
At 9AM Sunday Mornings, the 10th grade guys meeting in V101   with Robbie Farnham and Keith Polk as their leaders.
Tan Do and High School Pastor, Marshall West, leads our 11th grade guys at 9AM in V102
Senior girls and guys meeting in the College Room at 9AM for Life Group led by Gary Simmons, Brad Brown, and Sandra Odom

College & 20’s Life Groups

Our 20’s LifeGroup meets in room 215 at 9:00AM. Led by College and 20’s staff and volunteers, this group is designed for young professionals and those out of college.

All College LifeGroups meet in the College Room at 10:30AM. Led by college staff and volunteers, this is a great time to connect with other college students or people that are your age (18-22).

Our Sunday evening LifeGroups are student led, and a time for food and fellowship. We have various locations throughout the area! Info abou each LifeGroup will be given out by their respective leader. To sign up for a group that fits you click on the link below!