Jonathan & Jenna Nason
Next Generation Pastor / College Pastor

When I was 6 years old I was listening to my brother talk about how the Lord saved him, and I knew that I did not know Jesus. The Lord convicted me of my sin and I knew I needed Him. In 6th grade I was at a student event that I wasn’t even suppose to be at, and the Lord made clear to me I was to give my life to full time ministry. My heart’s desire is to pastor, and I’m so glad to be serving here at Crossgates since 2010.

About me:
Jenna and I were married in 2010. Both from Memphis we love trying out new restaurants. We love our two little boys Sam and Levi. Sam is 2 years old and Levi almost 1. Family time, for us, looks a lot like going out to the park or just being outside with them. I enjoy running, reading and drinking coffee. If you ask me where I want to go eat, chances are it’ll be a pizza place, and if you don’t want to go I’m content to eat bananas and peanut butter while watching one of the Bourne movies.

Favorite Bible Story: Benaiah killing the lion on the snowy day

Interesting fact: I have 72 foster brothers and sisters.

If you could time travel where would you go? To Ephesus and look for John writing the gospel

Staff Nick Name: “Whip and Nae Nason”, “The Straw”, or “Papaw Nason”