About The Boys –  Curt & Braden

Curt Jordan – College Pastoral Apprentice  

Jesus saved me when I was in 7th grade. I was listening to a band member give his testimony of God’s grace, and the Lord convicted me right then. In 2014 the Lord called me to pastoral ministry, and I’m still asking the Lord to teach me what that means. In 2015 I joined the staff here at Crossgates. 
About me: 
 I spend time playing music, hanging out and going to concerts. I’ll eat anything Taco Bell sells. Also, my new favorite candy bar is “Fast Break”. It makes me think of myself on a fast break…but it’s not me…its LeBron. I’ve written a couple freestyle raps about it. 
Favorite Bible Story: John 21, when Jesus has breakfast with his disciples. 
Interesting Fact: I’m a Sacremento Kings fan…I think the only one
If Jurrasic Park were real…would you go? Heck no…I’ve seen those movies
Staff Nick Name: “CJ4JC”

Braden Rodriguez – NextGen Associate

When I was in 6th grade at New Life Christian Fellowship during a student gathering, I was convicted of my sin, and trusted my life to Jesus. Three years later, the Lord asked me to server His church as a pastor, and I began to pursue that goal. Early in 2015 I came on staff at Crossgates and have loved serving here
About me: I wouldn’t say I am a foodie…but close. I love going out to eat and drinking coffee. Other than that, I’m a pretty laid back guy who just enjoys hanging out with friends, playing disc golf, or finding a new hat to wear. 
Bible Story: Nathan calling David out in 2 Samuel 12
Interesting fact: I have a black belt in three different martial arts
If you could win a gold medal in any sport what would it be…? High jumping…I’m 5’5 so…
Staff Nick Name: “Intern4Lyfe”