Carter & Kelly Collins – College&20’s Pastor

CallingI was six years old when God called me to see Jesus. I was listening to a sermon when all the sudden I knew I was a sinner and Jesus was my only hope. When I was twelve I read a biography of missionary Hudson Taylor. His bravery and courage to give up everything for the sake of the gospel confirmed God’s calling on my life to shepherd others to Christ. 
About meMy wife Kelly and I were married June 5, 2010. After a few years of not having kids we “decided” to have two of them 16 months apart. The Lord blessed us greatly with Fletcher and recently, Ruthie. With two under two, we consider success to be keeping them alive and telling them about Jesus. With that being said, we are also now looking to adopt our third child. So that has been a new and grand experience. If we make it to Chick-fil-A somewhere in there…amen. If Kelly and I catch some alone time, we love trying new restaurants and city exploring. I love Golf…really any sport, playing games, and being with people. 
Favorite Bible Story: Steven Standing Faithful
Interesting Fact: I played on a Slovenian Golf Junior Club team and traveled to play in Europe. 
If you could create something what would it be?? “I would like to invent a travel clothes hanging device that steams/irons your clothes when you get somewhere. I mean…we’ve all been there.”
Staff Nick Name: Carter “buzzkill” Collins