On Purpose

Marshal West Blogs

Growing up at times I found it very awkward to talk to my best friends about Christ and the Gospel. Which is really odd because we all went to church regularly and did all the church trips together. However, we just never talked about the things of the Lord. Whenever we would talk about God it always felt awkward and uncomfortable. It was as if we had no idea what we were talking about. As we got older we realized the reason it felt awkward was because Christ was never a part of our regular conversations. We would talk a lot about life, sports, school, friends, etc. but never once would we talk about the things of the Lord. It wasn’t because we were “bad kids”. It was simply because we didn’t intentionally talk about Christ. Talking about Christ makes you think about life differently. Talking about Christ and thinking on Him makes our conversations more meaningful and have more purpose. It can also kill negative conversations that never need to happen in the first place.


Parents the reason I say this is to tell you to keep Christ as a regular part of your family conversations. In no way am I saying you need to talk about Jesus 100% of the time, but I am saying to talk about Him enough to where your students know it’s not weird to talk about the Lord. Prayer is the same way. Praying as a family probably seems awkward and uncomfortable because you never do it. You have to start somewhere. Start today. Make praying together as a family something that’s more than just for meals, but for intentional living. Make talking about Christ a part of your daily conversations. You are the disciple maker of your household. Lead your students well, talk about the Lord, pray together. It’s not easy, it takes intentional moments, but it will be worth it.