Living out the Kingdom, Tangibly

Adam Morgan Blogs

The blog post below is written by one of the leaders in our SLI program. They were asked as a part of the leadership program to write about the Kingdom of God. Specifically, what does it mean to tangibly live out the Kingdom of God?
– SLI Staff
In a quote I read, a man named Stephen Haggerty said, “Love is serving a meal, changing a tire, and befriending a stranger. Love is hands-on and willing to get dirty. Love is making yourself vulnerable when it’s inconvenient. Love is stepping out of heaven, taking on flesh, and bearing a cross not its own.” This is a great start to define how to live the mission of God out tangibly. To live the mission of God out tangibly means to put other first and me second while showing them the love of God in tangible ways. I believe to live the Kingdom of God out tangibly is to be intentional to others with humility.
A huge factor in living out the Kingdom of God tangibly is by being intentional. In the book we read, the author gives an example of being intentional to show others the love of God. We see this when he tells of how when he would see a neighbor walking down the street he would pretend to check the mail just to meet them and have a conversation with them. I believe that when you are intentional in what you do, you will be able to get that persons attention and they will realize that you truly care.
Another factor in living out the Kingdom of God tangibly is living in humility. The definition of humility is: a modest or low view of one’s own importance; humbleness. Said in another way, humility is putting others before yourself. In “The Tangible Kingdom” he says, “Have you ever stopped to ponder how Jesus lived his first thirty years without drawing any attention to his divine nature? I don’t know about you, but if I knew I was going to change the course of history, I’m sure it would have slipped out on occasion. I doubt I could have just lived a normal life. But Jesus did. He lived among people for three decades, developing the relational respect and trust of people in his community.” It may seem like the “church answer” but Jesus is the perfect example of living out the Kingdom of God tangibly.
In order to live out the Kingdom of God tangibly, it should consist of intentionality and humility. When a person starts to be intentional, stops worrying about themselves and puts others ahead of themself, God can use that person in amazing ways. “The Tangible Kingdom” says it perfectly, “If Christians simply focused on doing the most basic aspects of Christianity, like “loving” each other, it would say more to the watching world than all the systematic theology we could throw at them.”

—written by Hannah Bedford, leadership apprentice with Summer Leadership Intensive