Believing the Promise Keeper

Jennifer Merchant Blogs, Girls, Jennifer

The Lord always keeps His promises; He is gracious in all He does.
Psalm 145:13b

Have you ever had someone promise to do something for you and they fail to come through? We have all been let down in one-way or another. People often have good intentions, but whether busyness or forgetfulness gets in the way, they fail us. Depending on the promise or the circumstance involved, a range of emotions may take the center stage of our hearts as a result of the broken promise. We may choose anger, loneliness, hopelessness, frustration OR understanding, compassion, encouragement, and hopefulness. In each situation we face, we have the choice to listen to the Holy Spirit in our lives, or the messiness of the flesh.

How about the promises you have received from the Lord? Are you trusting in His promises? Do you trust your Heavenly Father? We are assured in God’s Word that He always keeps His promises. However, when the road gets difficult, sometimes it is hard to trust. When as a mom or dad you desperately cry out night after night for God to mercifully turn the heart of your rebellious child. Maybe your son or daughter needs healing, but time and again, as you pray the healing just does not seem to come. It is in the dark nights, the silent nights, and the difficult days where we are drained of strength, that we must choose to trust the keeper of His promises.

We as parents have so many dreams for our children. But how much greater are God’s plans for them (Jeremiah 29:11). How much more does He love them more than we ever could fathom? Although difficulties come as a result of our fallen world, God is still on His throne. We as His children have access to live by the power of the Living God through His Holy Spirit.

Instead of giving in to a myriad of negative emotions, due to our impatience of God’s timing in keeping His promises, may we choose to trust. Let us speak to the dry bones in our lives and in the lives of our children and say, “ In the Name of Jesus, come alive!” May we choose the strength we find in the joy of the Lord, and walk embolden through faith to believe the Promise Keeper, for He is faithful.

Will you choose to believe?