Bennon Hodges

Bennon Hodges – Middle School Pastor

Calling: When I gave my life to Christ at age 15, I knew that I would honor God with whatever profession I ended up doing.  I pursued a Business Degree at Mississippi College and desired to make a lot of money for Jesus during my life.  However, God had other plans. Better plans.  After working two years in student ministry during college, the Lord called me into full-time ministry for His church.  Jesus has knit my heart together with the local church and seeing His people fulfill their purpose.

About me: On July 13th, 2013, I married the love of my life, Caroline. After a few years, we had a son named, Eli. He is the coolest person I know.

– Things I hate: Wet Trash, Snakes, and Failure.
– Things I Love: Hunting (Deer, Duck, Turkey, & anything that moves), XBOX, Batman, Star Wars, LOTR (If you don’t know what that is, you should), Fantasy Football, TACO BELL, & much more.

Favorite Bible Story: Jonah & the Whale

Interesting Fact: I worked at a haunted corn maze for three years.

Staff Nick Name: Bennon “Young Gosling” Hodges