Alan & Elaine Cagle – NextGen Worship

Calling: God convicted me of my sin and saved me when I was still young in July of 1993. It wasn’t until sometime later I felt him calling me to shepherd others. I was attending a fall retreat where the main emphasis was worship. During the retreat God’s spirit overwhelmed me to the point of tears and I knew he was asking me to surrender to ministry and more specifically in leading other to worship God in song.

About me: Elaine and I were married in 2001, and I married way out of my league! We have been blessed with two girls, Haley and Hannah, who are such a gift from God. We love hanging together, watching movies, and teaching my girls how to play guitar. Any free time (not usual) you could find me doing some woodwork, hunting and I always keep a jar of peanut butter close.

Favorite Bible story: The whole story of Joshua

Interesting Fact: I was a student pastor for the churches of Kauai, Hawaii for a summer in college.

If a plane were going down near a building would you evacuate the building, call 911, or try to make contact with the plane?? Obviously, I would evacuate the building and then catch the plane with my bare hands. No need to call 911.

Staff Nick Name: Big Al